Ultra rich Shower Cream

Raskošna i profinjena krema za tuširanje obogaćena karite maslacem koji omekšava i štiti, nježno i bez isušivanja čisti kožu te poštuje njezinu prirodnu ravnotežu.

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Rich in softening and protecting Shea butter (5%), this delicate and generous shower cream gently cleanses body and hair while preserving their natural balance.
Hydration effectiveness and tolerance dermatologically tested.


We’d only make an exception to our Provence-only rule for a very special ingredient - the inimitable Shea Butter. Used for centuries by Sub-Saharan African women to nourish and protect skin and hair, Shea Butter is an ideal beauty ingredient. We work with several thousand women in Burkina Faso to develop a sustainable, fair trade Shea Butter supply chain. So you can feel good about feeling good. Shea Butter


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