Reveal Your Colours

To create four of our new shades of Intense Fruity Lipstick this summer, we teamed up with four content creators who inspire us from different parts of the world. Radiating positivity, confidence, well-being and joie de vivre, these entrepreneurial women are involved in various projects close to their hearts, so they really connect with the values of L'OCCITANE.

We invited them to Provence earlier on in the year to learn all about our existing range of lip products and masks. We took them to visit the village of Roussillon – one of the most beautiful villages of France, known as the Colorado of Provence and famed for its omnipresent ochre hues. We asked them to draw inspiration from what they saw so that together, we could create four limited-edition lipstick shades that would capture their personality – and the personality of Provence...

Meet Niomi

Niomi is a Londoner who embodies well-being! Her website has sections on food, fashion, health, beauty and lifestyle, and it's clear from her photos that she has a close connection with nature. Her first book, "Eat Smart," is filled with delicious plant-based recipes for the health-conscious. A sustainable fashion advocate, Niomi is working with UK charities to reduce clothing waste. She's also ambassador for a non-profit organisation dedicated to helping women who are victims of civil wars.

"The shade I've created, is a pretty, natural shade that you can wear all day, every day." 

Meet Paola

Originally from a small town in Haiti, Paola has lived in the United States since she was a teenager. In 2014, she launched Fanm Djanm (which means "strong woman" in Haitian Creole) - a headwrap brand inspired by African and Asian cultures.

"When I chose this lip shade, I wanted a colour that would look phenomenal on dark skin, but just as gorgeous on light skin. Boldness is at the epicentre of my creativity. To me, life is all about being bold. Being powerful. And being colourfully you." 

Meet Yalda

Based in Kuwait, Yalda is a former fashion editor and mother of two, Yalda is involved in charity programs that fight world famine, and uses her social media platform to talk about topics that are important to her, such as ethical issues and the environment. Yalda regularly practices fitness and yoga, and loves to eat healthy food.

"I don't like a colour to be too overpowering. I wanted something really soft, just to bring out that inner beauty" 
Pauline is a French blogger who's recently moved to Germany, where she lives with her husband and son. Her signature look is "La vie en rose", and a quick scroll through her Instagram page shows that she absolutely loves flowers and all things red - especially red lipstick. In Pauline's recently published book, "Un mois pour trouver mon style" (A month to find my style), she shares her love of clothes and gives women advice to help them find their own individual style.

"After discovering the fruity world of the first L'Occitane lipstick range, I drew inspiration from the blood orange to create the seductive, deep red shade of my lipstick."