Reine Blanche Collection

Wind, cold, environmental pollution ... The wintertime often makes our complexions appear pale and takes away their luminosity.
How can you give your skin a boost of luminosity? With the power of nature in our Reine Blanche facial care!
Your secret? The "white meadow queen" meadowsweet! A brilliant white flower that we pick on the protected hills of the Drôme Provençale. It traditionally symbolizes beauty, purity and elegance ... A true muse that has inspired us!

Reveal the luminosity of your skin

The Reine Blanche collection with the Reine Blanche complex with plant extracts of natural origin and vitamin C was inspired by the meadowsweet plant, a flower that is admired for its brilliant white flowers and gives the skin evenness and luminosity.

Our Reine Blanche Products

A radiant active complex

Organic meadowsweet extract

This symbol of purity was discovered in the 16th century. This plant gives the skin luminosity in combination with white mulberry.

Vitamin C

Long known as an effective antioxidant, vitamin C counteracts the negative effects of external environmental influences and improves the radiance of the skin.

White mulberry extract

The uses of its leaves and flowers are well known in traditional Chinese medicine. The extract helps to reduce the appearance of pigment spots and to preserve the luminosity of the skin.

Discover our Reine Blanche routine!

Reine Blanche facial toner

Luminosity • evenness • moisture

The facial toner with 97% ingredients of natural origin as the first step of your care routine affects the natural luminosity of the skin, moisturizes and soothes the skin and prepares it for the subsequent care.

Reine Blanche serum

Luminosity • evenness • anti-pigment spots

This serum with 97% ingredients of natural origin visibly reduces pigment spots and gives the face luminosity and evenness. The complexion is refined.

Reine Blanche face cream

Luminosity • evenness • moisture

This face cream contains 96% ingredients of natural origin. The day care ensures a radiant complexion, refines the complexion and helps to reduce the appearance of pigment spots.