Join the revolution to fight Plastic Pollution

We need your help! At L'OCCITANE, we're committed to reducing waste and limiting the environmental impact of our products. And while we can't avoid using packaging, we can avoid it going to landfill or incineration. That's where you come in... We've joined forces with TerraCycle® to set up a collection and recycling program, so you can bring your beauty empties to a L'OCCITANE store and give them a second life!


Alarming fact: By 2050, there could be more plastic than fish in the ocean.

What we do: Over 70% of our packaging can be easily recycled through standard recycling channels.

Alarming fact: 50% of the plastic the world uses is used just once, then thrown away.

What we do: 25 L'OCCITANE products are already available in eco-refills, which use 65 to 90% less plastic than a standard bottle.

Alarming fact: Humans have produced more plastic over the last 10 years than during the entire last century.

What we do: By reducing the thickness of our packaging, we're saving up to 200 tons of plastic every year* and we are working on ways to replace other unnecessary plastics such as cellophane. *On the basis of our 2020 numbers


A pioneering (and very green!) company, TerraCycle® is the world leader in the collection and recycling of post-consumer waste that's usually considered non-recyclable. It teams up with companies who want to find ways to recycle or upcycle their waste. TerraCycle® can recycle plastic cups, toothbrushes, pens, batteries, art supplies, cigarette waste... It's an incredible list – that's incredibly long! Through partnerships with brands like L'OCCITANE, it takes used packaging and turns it into raw materials that can be used to make new items. 

Now, more than ever, we must aim for sustainable solutions, a cleaner environment and a more circular economy. TerraCycle® is helping to make this possible. 
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TerraCycle® has become a global leader in processing waste that's usually considered far too complicated to recycle! So think twice before throwing away your old cosmetics packaging. With a little help from TerraCycle®, it could be recycled into something useful!
TerraCycle® finds ways to recycle countless "non-recyclable" items, but in L'OCCITANE stores it's all about beauty empties.
You can throw all these items into our TerraCycle® bins:*
  • Lip balm tubes
  • Fragrance bottles and pumps
  • Deodorant sticks
  • Refill pouches
  • Trigger heads
  • Face mask packaging
  • Pumps and caps from bottles
* Check participating stores



We've been offering a recycling service in our company-owned stores since 2014. When you bring your empties to be recycled, you're helping us to reduce our environmental footprint and you're helping the planet. 

It's easy!
1. Find your closest participating L'OCCITANE store (see our Boutique Locator section). 
2. Bring us your empty beauty containers – even if they come from another brand!
3. Get xxx off your next purchase!
4. Feel happy because you've done a good deed! 



Once our recycling bin is full, TerraCycle® collects it and, of course, leaves a new one in its place! It then sorts through the waste, which will be shredded, cleaned and transformed into a new raw material. Most of our used containers are made into pellets that can be moulded into new products such as waste bins, storage boxes, or even outdoor furniture.
Since 2014 we've collected 600'000 items of waste through the L'OCCITANE TerraCycle® & Icycle programs. As an equivalent, 7,000 recycled containers can be used to make a children's playground. 1,500 can be transformed into a public bench!


TerraCycle® won't accept the following items:
  • Aerosols
  • Glass bottles
  • Glass jars
  • Cardboard
  • Kraft paper



Got green fingers?

Transform your Almond Milk Concentrate jars into irresistible little plant holders! Easy peasy: simply clean the jar, place some compost in it, and add one of your favourite plants.

Kitchen needs organising?

Once you've finished your Réotier face cream, clean the jar and use it to hold herbs, spices and even small fruits, such as cherries, tomatoes and cherry tomatoes!

Treasures to store?

No more misplacing your jewellery! When your scented candle is finished, remove any remaining wax and the wick, then use the pretty jar to store your necklaces, rings and earrings.


In short, how would you summarise the L’OCCITANE plastics policy?
  • Our aim is to use only recycled plastic (starting with our bottles) and to promote recycling all around the world. To do so, we are working to educate customers about the importance of recycling by offering a recycling service in our stores, encouraging them to recycle with us.
  • We are studying ways of eliminating unnecessary plastic, (wrapping, plastic spatulas) and we intend to replace these with greener solutions. We also have a no plastic bags policy, no plastic cup, no plastic straws and offer eco-refills for some of our best-selling products.
  • We are currently evaluating different projects dedicated to resolving the global plastic pollution issue.
  • We will help finance initiatives that encourage more responsible and more sustainable use of plastic.


There are many beauty brands that talk about their partnerships with TerraCycle®. What makes yours different?
  • We set up our first partnership with TerraCycle in 2014, in France, so we can say that we were pioneers in this area. There are now many beauty brands that are doing the same thing, and we are delighted about this. As for us, we are working on extending our partnerships with TerraCycle® to as many countries as possible.
  • Our goal : to have a Terracycle point in all our shops, from the smallest to the flagship. This is also a real differentiator compared to other brands.


What about recycling in your factories ? in your offices ?
Our 2 factories recycle 70% of their waste and the rest is incinerated (0 waste sent to landfill). In our offices, we have recycling in the countries in which they have public recycling facilities. We want to see how to extend it in every countries where we have offices.

Do you use recycled plastic in your packaging?
  • We have been working to increase the percentage of recycled plastic in our bottles for many years and are currently at 30%, with the objective of reaching 100% by 2025.
  • We have also set a target of increasing from our current 84% to reach 100% technically recyclable plastic bottles by 2025, whilst continuing to work with specialised suppliers to design lighter packaging that gives priority to recycled materials in general.

How do eco-refills help the situation? Tell me more about your eco-refills strategy?
  • We first introduced eco-refills in 2008 and currently propose 25 L’OCCITANE en Provence eco-refill products (23 for plastic bottles, 2 for skincare).
  • In addition to using up to 90% less material than the original containers (representing a saving of 121 tons in 2018!), eco-refills lower CO2 emissions thanks to the reduced product transport.
  • We are also using our partnership with TerraCycle to find innovating solutions to recycle nonreadily recyclable materials, such as these eco-refills.

How much plastic do they use?
Eco-refills use up to 90% less plastic than the original containers (representing a saving of 121 tons in 2018, resulting in a reduction of 6.4% in the total mass of our retail plastic).

What materials do you use for your eco-refills? Is the plastic recyclable?
  • 25 of our products are available in eco-refills, which use up to 90% less material than the original containers. In 2017, this represented overall savings of 121 tons of material.
  • Our eco-refills are created using a combination of PET and PE. The caps are made from PE. At present, there are no public recycling processes available for this combination. However, the overall impact on the environment of such eco-refills is positive, considering the quantity of plastic material saved.
  • L’OCCITANE is developing a partnership with TerraCycle® and other in-store recycling services such as i-Cycle, to find innovative solutions to recycle nonreadily recyclable materials – such as eco-refills – in France,  Uk, Ireland, Australia, USA, Canada, Japan, Korea and Malaysia (i-Cycle). We plan to extend these programs in other countries, such as China and Singapore.


Reducing Waste

In today's world, any responsible company has a duty to do all it can to reduce waste and prevent pollution. The future of our planet depends on our actions today! At L'OCCITANE, we've been focusing on ways to reduce, reuse and recycle for many years, but there's still more we can do. And we're working on it!


Respecting Biodiversity

We love Provence and the South of France. After all, that's where our roots lie. So it's only natural that we should want to protect and promote the biodiversity of the Mediterranean Basin. This "biodiversity hotspot" is one of the richest ecosystems in the world. We intend to do our bit to protect this precious environment.



Feeling creative? Try some upcycling!