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Shaving is an important part of your daily routine, but that certainly shouldn't make it mundane. Treating shaving as a ritual and taking the time to care appropriately for your face will result in a healthier beard, as well as keep the bare skin around it feeling sumptuously nourished.

The style of beard or moustache you choose is an expression of personality, and it can be cultivated and shaped to reflect your individual style.

Follow this routine every time you shave to give your facial hair the respect it deserves.


Top 3 shaving tip - Cade shaving ritual - l'Occitane
Beard hair feels coarser than other hair because it grows with a thick, oily layer that protects your face from the elements. Stripping this coating away leaves the hair softer and more absorbent, yielding easily to the razor for a smoother shave. Start by taking a steamy shower, allowing the hot water to open the pores and relax the hair.

Once you step out of the shower, gently smooth our Cade Multi-Grooming Balm onto your beard hair. This will gently soften the hair, whilst moisturising the skin underneath to prevent razor irritation. 


Shaving cream - Cade shaving cream - l'Occitane
Next, lather up with a shaving emollient – try our Cade Refreshing Shaving Gel. The rich foam provides a protective seal between your face and the sharp blade, allowing the razor to get closer whilst guarding against any irritation or feelings of tightness. 
Instead of using your fingers, its good to invest in a shaving brush. These brushes add refinement to your skincare routine. The bristles whip gel into a cloudlike foam and provide exfoliating action.

When shaving, turn your razor so that you're always moving with the grain. As well as feeling more comfortable, it reduces irritation to the skin so your face will be left silky with no razor bumps.


Aftershave - Cade after shave cream - l'Occitane
Once you're happy with your shave, finish by rinsing with cold water. Each splash of cold water helps to close your pores against the pollution and grime. Pat dry with a clean flannel or towel, and finish your routine by rubbing a coin-sized dollop of moisturising Cade After Shave Balm into your freshly shaved jawline. Lightweight and non-greasy, this nourishing balm soothes the skin after its close encounter with the razor.

Then, to finish off your shaving routine use our soothing Cade Revitalising Cream. Its texture is immediately absorbed to leave skin comfortable and protected without shine or stickiness

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