Find joy in the little things, with our authentic soaps, soft and gentle on the skin while simultaneously pampering all the senses with the iconic scents of Provence.
Our soaps are characterized by:
  • Knowledge from Provence
  • All soaps are free of silicone and mineral oils
  • We introduced new fragrances and colors
  • Cleans the skin without drying it out
  • Easily biodegradable formulas
  • Extremely gentle soaps for all skin types

NEW: The return of Bonne Mere soap

Bonne Mere soaps gently cleanse the skin, giving it a feeling of silky softness. They delicately perfume the skin with the scent of freshness.

NEW: Discover Bonne Mere soaps

Soap is the best cleansing product, it is good for the planet as well as for your skin!

L'Occitane soaps are produced without palm oil, high rates of naturalness, without useless packaging.
Intensively cleanses the skin, prevents the development of bacteria, restores the hydrolipid film, doesn’t dry the skin...
The new L’Occitane soaps gently cleanse and give your hands a feeling of softness.

Shea soaps

All L'Occitane soaps are produced in accordance with the traditional method of making soap - cooking in a cauldron used by master soap manufacturers in Provence. Explore the shea collection!

Discover L’Occitane Shea soaps