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Hair Strengthening Discovery Set

A must-have routine for strengthening your hair.
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A must-have routine for strengthening your hair.
Set contains:

  • Shampoo for hair strengthening

  • Conditioner for hair strengthening

  • Anti-frizz serum 14 ml

  • Cosmetic bag - strengthening (yellow)

  • Hair rubber

AROMACHOLOGY ACCORDING TO L’OCCITANE A science that studies the influence of scents on wellbeing and harmony. The art of blending essential oils to create a relaxing or revitalizing environment by drawing on the incredible richness in aromatic plants of Provence and the Mediterranean Basin. This time-tested art of using essential oils has always been a passion of Olivier Baussan, founder of L’OCCITANE, and has inspired the philosophy of the brand since its creation in 1976.   Aromachologie


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