Every morning or evening showering is just one of the usual habits we perform routinely. L'OCCITANE decided to change it. Here at L’OCCITANE, we were thinking of ways of starting or finishing a day in a fun and playful way! Inspired by the beloved Almond collection, we created an innovative formula for the fragrant, nourishing, but first and foremost, fun showering experience!

It's time to pull of the curtain, let the water running, take shower head in your hand and dance and sing with the sounds of the new Almond Shake!


Our new product is like a delicious milkshake: Shake it and it's ready in seconds!

Enriched with almond oil and milk from Provence, this two-phase shower gel consists of two different textures which, by mixing, are transformed into a delicious milky formula. Tiny metal balls facilitate the fusion of layers and create the sound of a real "shaker". You only need to shake the bottle energetically.

After your shake is stirred, massage it into your skin and enjoy the sensational fragrance!

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Dive right into Almond body care product and create your perfect routine that will delight your senses! Silky-smooth textures and mouthwatering aromas for a beautiful, nourished skin.

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