Aromachology Refreshing Deodorant

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Aromachology Refreshing Deodorant


An aluminum salt free deodorant formulated with the invigorating essential oils of sage, sweet orange and lemon that helps to provide natural protection to hold up against body odors leaving the skin feeling dry. Its smooth and texture provides a sensation of well-being throughout the day and it is suitable for all skins. Does not stain clothes. Apply to clean and dry skin.


Apply to clean and dry skin.


AROMACHOLOGY ACCORDING TO L’OCCITANE A science that studies the influence of scents on wellbeing and harmony. The art of blending essential oils to create a relaxing or revitalizing environment by drawing on the incredible richness in aromatic plants of Provence and the Mediterranean Basin. This time-tested art of using essential oils has always been a passion of Olivier Baussan, founder of L’OCCITANE, and has inspired the philosophy of the brand since its creation in 1976.   Aromachologie


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